Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I was knitting and watching the ballgame and thinking...

I need to clean out that fireplace - 2 years, at least, of ashes, plus if I clean it out I can store the fake logs in there til next winter...  I should do that one of these days...  while a ballgame is on to entertain me while I work... Oh, wait...a ballgame is on now!

So I did.  Years ago someone gave me the neatest Cinderella tip. Layout newspaper all over starting with the lip of the fireplace and then spray it will a mist of water to keep it in place. Then shovel out the ash onto the newspaper and mist it down every shovel full or so. Don't get carried away with water or your newspaper will melt.

I didn't have any newspaper. I didn't have any rubber/latex gloves. I went down to the recycling dumpsters and was surprised to note how very little newspaper was even in there! But I finally managed to get some and just did without the gloves.

It turned out to be far less odious a chore than I envisioned.  The cats were fascinated but since the spray bottle was involved they stayed clear.  I cleaned the inside, the glass doors, the chain curtain. It's not clean enough to eat off of but it ain't bad!  I'm quite impressed with myself.

I finally got my hands cleaned, put everything away and/or back and tossed out a cat toy.

I got both cats in one frame!!


Then Zoey - of ADD fame - had to go check her fish house and make sure I did not rearrange her furniture or whatever in the whole fireplace cleaning project.  But there was nose touching without hissing.

Next up on the home frontier are the terrace curtains.  I have 10 foot drapes out there that hide storage cabinets.


They are on both sides of the terrace - so four panels - 10 feet by 56" each.  They don't look too bad in this picture but they are filthy dirty and need rehemming.  I'm not sure the gunk on them will wash out.  And I'm pretty sure they are too big to wash in my machine so I'd have to haul them to a laundry.  (Washerteria - I just flashed on my grandmother's word for laundromat.)

I think they were cheap.  I have a note into Sherry (the designer who bought these nearly 10 years ago) asking her to dig through her SusanDennis book at see where she got them and how much they were.  I might just replace.

Getting the down and back up (or the replacements up) is not going to be trivial.  But I want to get going on it before it gets hot.
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