Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sunday adventures

I headed out this morning to get a 9-volt battery and brunch - I did both AND stopped at Trader Joe's for cereal and bananas and I got some really pretty gerber daises for my table.

Back home now. I finally wrangled the batteries into the new cat toy - not easy, unbelievably fiddly, actually - only to discover that  Zoey loved it but lost interest soon because it doesn't work on carpet.  Phuck.  I had tossed the receipt so I put it in a bag, and wrote a note and left it on the doorknob of my neighbors Sherry and Lee who just got hardwood floors.

Zoey tried snacking on the daises but gave up quickly when I showed her the spray bottle.  She and Betty are now napping - getting rested, I suspect, for the Mariner game.


Snap judgements.... I haz 'em

I was listening to my audiobook last night and there was this whole bit about one character. She's retired, has her days to do with as she pleases and never does much but does enjoy the lifestyle.  She worked for years and is now just living.

In my mind, I pictured this little white haired lilac smelling lady in a house full of lace.  When I turned off the book and closed my eyes to go to sleep, all of a sudden I realized that the description of the woman fit me perfectly!!  Except, I am nothing like I had her pictured.

Kind of jolting, actually.

Then last night on the news they had this piece about an old guy who was hiking and got caught in an avalanche and now they can't find him.  He's 60.  I'm thinking what the hell is an old guy like that doing hiking in the snow anyway??!!  Then I realized that he is the exact age of my baby brother who would absolutely hike in the snow and isn't old at all.

Hmmmmm  Not only do I have snap judgments, they are also WAY off the mark.... I would totally blast anyone else for this kind of thinking!!
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