Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

conspiracy afoot

I got home after being gone about 4 hours and I opened the door to the condo.  Betty and Zoey were right there together at the door.  Both looking guilty but then cats always look guilty.  Me thinks they are getting along a shade better than they are letting me see.

Among other stops, I went to the Petco where I got Betty.  There was a Petco lady over by the adoption center when I went by just to check on the cats.  She asked if I was interested in adopting and I told her I already had - Zoey!  She was all excited.  Zoey was their first adoption!  She asked all about her and I was delighted to give her a good report.

I got some new toys.  One is fancy - it requires 3 batteries - one a 9 volt.  I have C's, I have D's, I have AA's and AAA's,  I even have a stash of some that I have no clue what they are for and a whole bunch of those button batteries that kill little children.  Do I have any 9-volts?  NOT A ONE.  I checked my old transistor radio to see if it had one, nope.  I can't think of anything else that might use one which is why, I suspect, I have none.  Sigh.

I'll get one tomorrow.  Meanwhile, Zoey already adopted one I picked up at the Dollar Store (where I went to get flip flops).  The label says its a Joet Pour Chat.  So I'm thinking it's a french speaking mouse.  Maybe Zoey speaks french.... hmmmm


Happily that $1 was not wasted.  She just took it into the fish house where they are both resting now.  She just cracks me up.

Oh and I got her a proper tag at Petco.  They have the coolest machine.  You buy a tag and stick it in the machine and it engraves it to your specifications right before you very eyes!  Coolest thing ever!


Great swim class.  I got all my errands done.  I almost got home in time to avoid mayhem.  Instead I got a brass band escort!

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