Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It's Saturday and the good swim class. I like the class because I like the instructor and the time of the class and it gets me all the way north of town - a good point from which to do errands and stops on my way home.  Today's plans include breakfast and Petco.  I'm really becoming a huge fan of their refillable littler deal.  Plus, Zoey needs dry food.

Then home.  The 'hood is going to fill up again today.  There's a soccer game this afternoon and a baseball game tonight.  The best money is to get the car home and garaged sooner than later.

I joked yesterday about my Feather on a Stick injury but, seriously, my shoulder is really sore. I guess I need more Feather on a Stick work to build it up!

Betty and Zoey really do get closer and closer to actual conversation.  I think the real standoff now is Zoey.  She's wary of Betty still.  Betty honestly doesn't care, I don't think.  She's comfortable that Zoey's not going to fuck with her food and nothing else is worth worrying about.  Zoey did hop on the ottoman last night for a bit to sniff around Betty. She got a good sniff or two and then split.  But she stayed around.  They both spent the evening with me in the living room.  It was lovely.

Ok, time to suit up and hit the road.
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