Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fish House Redeux

I got these two fish cat houses on Etsy several years ago.  Actually, I should look up and see if she still does them and provide a link..

OMG - she has some great ones now... but has trippled her price.  I sure got lucky.

This morning I washed the pads - the actual beds in both of them.  I did the short one first and while it was in the wash, I put the actual house on the dining room table and Zoey claimed it.  Once I got the pad back in, I put it on the floor in front of the fireplace (where it has been since she first got here and she's ignored it totally) and she climbed right in.

When the second one was done, I pulled the housing out of the closet and set it back up next to the other one and she climbed right in.

In the past hour she has spent 15 mins in one and then 15 mins in the other then 15 mins in the first one... she's cracking me up.  Now she's all sprawled out in the tall one.  What a funny funny cat!!

20130412_122926.jpg 20130412_104156.jpg

I got distracted while typing this entry and now Zoey has done back to her usual afternoon haunt - the day bed in the front room.  I guess she finally did get tuckered out!
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