Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Maybe nowhere

I'm thinking that today I may go nowhere.  I've been in the pool everyday this week and am going to class tomorrow morning so I think it's time to take a day off.  I looked at the new movies out this week and there is not one single one of them I care anything about seeing - I've got better stuff here on my TiVo and for sure on Amazon Prime streaming.

I have groceries.  I have cat food and litter.  Laundry is laundrying.

I'm just calling it good.  Unless I get a wild hair.  The option is there...


The Mariners have already started their seasonal downfall.  Usually, if memory serves, they wait until the end of the first month to start the slide to the basement but I guess they are all worn out from the games they won at Spring Training.  One of the local baseball writers tweeted last night that his 7 year old had declared watching baseball teams lose 'boring'.  I'm totally with the 7 year old.



Last night Betty was planted on the ottoman and Zoey was on my lap.  And neither was snarling.  After a few minutes they even forgot to get tense about the other being so close.  Progress.  Zoey is getting hard to entertain.  My feather on a stick arm is going to need Tommy Johns surgery soon.  She's tireless.


After bending back another fingernail yesterday, I got the hint and cut them all really shot. It makes typing really strange.
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