Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Race for irony

My neighbors, Ann and Ron, just spent 10 days on the Mississippi River - from New Orleans to Memphis on a fancy cruise.  They are So.Ca. folks and this was their first foray into the South. These are the same neighbors who have no qualms about pointing out that 'Orientals (their word) can't drive for shit' and expressly demanding 'Someone who can speak English' when they call customer service and noting how all taxi drivers have towels for hats.

I have, on more than one occasion told them that I would rather they didn't talk that way and asked specifically not to around me.

Ann was just here to tell me all about her trip - the Southerner at the AT&T Store who refused to help her figure out how to use her cellphone (which she's had for a year and never figured out herself) and the 'black boy' who took her Nook back to the kitchen to charge it for her in the Atlanta airport and refused a $5 tip.

Then she told me that in the car with the people they were visiting keep talking about the 'coons' so 'Ron told them that that kind of language made me not happy'.

???????? I guess I should appreciate that she does draw the line somewhere.

And she brought me country ham.  Not the kind I was looking for but some great stuff nontheless and that's what I'm having for dinner!!
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