Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

ahhhh accomplished

I have swum.  I got to the pool 30 seconds after a group of about 35 4 year olds. Their leaders were female so they all used the women's locker room.  By the time I got my stuff into my locker, I was surrounded by waste high small naked people.  It was funny.  The two women wrangling them were amazing to watch in action.  In a lucky coincidence, when I finished, the little people were done and getting naked again.  They were fun to watch.

I got milk. I got myself a sandwich while I was at it.

While I was gone, Amira was here and the place now smells and looks lovely clean.  Nice.


I buy maybe 4 albums a year and half or more of those are music to aqua exercise by.  But this week I bought a new album by an artist I'd never heard of. I even have a hard time remembering her name or her album but her song lyrics hit my sweet spot so perfectly...

Kacey Musgraves.  I really wish, though, that I could get a version of all the songs without all the hyped up, too loud, music.  I hate it when the music drowns out the lyrics.  I'll bet her songs with just a guitar would be the best.  On the album, the drum is way too loud and the rest of the orchestration needs to move back from the microphone about 50 yards.


Now I need to take today's mail and the milk down to Ann and Ron's and then I have the rest of the day off to enjoy my clean house! 
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