Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Clean Wednesday

My housecleaner comes today - yeah... it's really not a minute too soon.  When I got laid off/retired. I cut back Chef Anita from twice a month to once a month and the housecleaner from every two weeks to once a month and, honestly, I am much happier with both services.  Having them less frequently enables me to appreciate them way more.

It just dawned on me that the housecleaner was to have sent me a reminder email last night and didn't.  I wonder if she's even coming.  Oops.  Somebody needs to clean this place!


I think I'm going to the pool today. I quit going on Wednesdays and I don't remember why. There is no class but I can do my own thing and I think I will.  I need to stop and get milk, too, for my neighbors who will be coming home from vacation tonight.


Last night's ballgame was horrid. I'd say unspeakable but I'm speaking about it.  We lost big time BUT it's not just that.  We lost to a team who had only won one other game this year and while they scored 15 runs, we handed half of them over no questions asked.  I'm totally hoping that we just unloaded our whole season of ugly on that one game and it will be fine sailing from here on out.
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