Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Win win win

The hairdo is a total keeper.  It looked fine after sleeping and it looks very fine after a swim/shower!

The towel/carrier works. It needs some tweaking but I know how to do what it needs for 100% success.

I have finally gotten my swim music organized on the player and I have about 8-10 hours worth of mostly 130BPM songs.  There are a few - like 30 minutes worth of slower stuff.  Today I hit shuffle and it was great.  It sure kept me moving.

My brother went to some work thing - a three day convention - last week and brought me a box full of swag.  He showed me on the webcam before he taped it up for mailing.  He knows how to cash in on my twin passions for swag and anticipation.  I'll bet he sends me the tracking number later today.

I honestly think that even if he weren't my only brother, he would still be my best one.
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