Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

hot or cold or not

This is not my favorite time of year weather wise for sleeping.  It's either too hot or too cold. I have too many blankets or not enough.  Last night I froze.  This morning I put more blanket on the bed and tonight I will be too hot.  I am the Goldilocks of sleeping temperature but my Just Right is only guaranteed from October-March.

I'm off just now to stop by the library before I get into the pool.  I have a book on hold that is waiting for me.  Then after the pool, it's a quick trip to Trader Joes and then home.

The Mariners home opener is tonight which should be fun but is likely to hose up the 'hood for much of the afternoon.  Best place for me - as usual - will be right here inside my nice house!

I almost got both cats in one camera frame not snarling last night.  Almost.

Ok, time to suit up and gather up the garbage so that I can donate to the dumpster on the way out.
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