Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I got lucky!!

I forced myself out to the barber's and I think I can declare victory. Rudy's Barbershop has lots of locations.  The buzz cut I got last time was from the closest location to me. Not my favorite.  This morning I decided to go back to the one I first went to.  It was raining and they had just opened and they weren't crowded at all.

I got Megan and she was great. Nice and easy to talk to and didn't ask me what I do for a living (thank you, Megan). We mainly talked about hair cuts and water aerobics. She was very efficient and did a spectacular job.  I  asked her to take pictures.  "If you never saw me before and I wanted to recreate this, what pictures would you want to see?"

20130407_103005.jpg 20130407_103017.jpg 20130407_103011.jpg

I am happy and relieved and, I believe, I can repeat next time.  Whew.

There is a good breakfast place across the street from the shop but the line was out the door so I came home and made my own.

It rained a fair amount yesterday so I went down to check Ann and Ron's and, sure enough, it was raining in their living room.  Ugh.  I called Scott the building manager.  I moved the speaker that was in peril and put a pot with a dishtowel in the bottom under the drip.  Scott checked on it and said he's keep an eye on it.  I checked this morning and it was not dripping.

They could have gotten it fixed while they were gone which made total sense to me and Ann and Scott but, Ron insisted on his being there for the fix so Scott and I will babysit the stupid leak and Ann will have to deal with the hassle of a fix when they get home from their cruise.

But, first I want to clean up the kitchen and start the dishwasher.  The baseball game is tied at 2 in the 2nd.
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