Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No haircut, lost the ballgame but the day really wasn't bad

I don't know why I hate getting my hair cut so much.  I think it's more the anticipation of how it all always goes.  My hair is thin and limp and sparse. It's not aloecia, but just crappy hair - handed down from my mom and her mom - thanks, girls.  And my face is not the face of Judy Dench or Jamie Lee Curtis.

I never know how to direct the stylist.  "I don't have the patience to spend much time fixing it. I'm in the pool a lot so chlorine removing shampoo is a must.  I don't want to look fatter than I am. I don't want to look too done or like I forgot to get a haircut."

So... to net it out just make me look like Annette Benning did in The Kids Are All Right.

I've tried this exact approach complete with pix and gotten a buzz cut.

I just hate the whole process.  And the forced small talk.  And the price.

So today I went to get it cut and they said the wait would be an hour. I called another place and they said the same thing.

The current plan is to be there at 9 tomorrow when the doors open, go across the street and get breakfast and then be home in time to watch the game.

That's what I'm thinking.


I was watching this week's Project Runway today an got totally inspired.  I have a towel I take to the pool that I love  It is the thirstiest towel in Christendom but it's huge.  It does not fit into any bag I want to haul around.  So today I got a wild hair that I would make it the bag!  I dreamed up the plan during the show and then went to look around my crap for the supplies and found an even better way to do it and did it!!

On the way to the pool, I can fold it under my arm but coming home, it now has eyelets and a cord so I plop my wet suit in the middle, pull up the cord into a strap and bam! I'm in biz!!.  I tested it and it works great. I'm quite proud.

The Air New Zealand bag - the plastic one they gave me for some reason when I last flew them in something like 1995 is really falling apart anyway.
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