Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today it's back to Meadowbrook Pool.  Meadowbrook is the one that has been closed for 5 weeks.  It's the one with the great instructors and it's the one that's 15-20 minutes away - when there's no traffic.  But, worth the trip on Saturday mornings.  So that's where I'm headed in just a bit.

Then I think I'll come on home. The baseball game starts today at 10 am.  So my plan is to come home and make my own breakfast while I watch.

I really need a haircut.  At least a trim. I'm not looking forward to it which is why I've let it go so long but it just looks like crap all the time and I can't avoid mirrors forever.  So probably this afternoon, I'll get that taken care of.


I had the Temptations kitty treats in a glass container with a tight rubber lid. On the table by my chair in the living room.  Last night, I heard Betty nudging it around but was too sleepy and Zoe was curled up next to me ... but after a bit there was even more and louder noise and Zoe got disgusted and left.  Betty had gotten that container of treats all the way from the living room to the bedroom - it's not light.  But thank you, Anchor, for making that lid so tight!  I hid it in a drawer.  Geesh.
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