Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I'm flip flopping (like a fish) over whether to go to swim class this afternoon.  It's at the way far away pool that I will be going to for tomorrow's class.  I'm ok with going but coming back on Friday afternoons is always such a bitch. The class isn't until 1:30 and I don't have to make a final decision until 12:45 so I have a while to conjure on it.

Yesterday's class was great.  They have switched up the schedule again so that we have one instructor on Tuesdays and another on Thursdays.  Both are really different and good.  The Thursday one kind of shames you into working harder.  It's been a while since he taught a class and I had forgotten.  Note to self:  suck on that rescue inhaler before you do to class!!

When I finish this entry, I do need to go down to Ron and Ann's and see if yesterday's rain reopened their leaks.  They have a couple of places in the living room that drip when it rains!  Ugh.  They've been working with Scott to get it fixed for more than two years now.  I am so grateful, I am not leaky.

But it is coming on time for the annual 6-7 month whine about The Tree That I Hate.  The buds are turning into leaves and soon my view of the new apartments will be obliterated.  Crap.  By the time I get my view back there may be actual people living in them!!

The baseball game is on at 5 today. I do so love living on the West Coast when it comes to baseball schedules.   I love the early games as much as I love not having a game start at 10 pm like sometimes happens on the East Coast.  Saturday and Sunday games this week are in Chicago and so start mid-morning.  Nice.

Ugh. I just discovered that Betty barfed on the new quilt.  Oh well, glad it wasn't the ottoman and the quilt has clearly been washed often in the past so I guess I'll go wash it now!
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