Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cautious declaration

Zoe has been here a month and I think we're pretty much approaching normal.  Feeding them separately works fine.  Zoe eats high and Betty eats on the floor and neither seems interested in the other's food which is, I think, a kitty miracle.

They both get hairball treats and love them. Betty eats canned food with pumpkin and Zoe eats dry food and a little canned food, no pumpkin.  (And Amazon carries the good pumpkin - the one with the easy open at both ends cans - by the case as subscribe and save so I get 15% off.  Nice cause pumpkin ain't cheap this time of year.)

Throwing up has ceased, at least for the time being.  No one has pooped outside the box in many days.  They still both seem to favor the tiny litter box in the living room over the spacious palatial toilet in the fish room but, they do still use the big one occasionally.

Zoe loves to play.  Feather on a stick is a huge Zoe pleaser, but, happily, so is the Bolt laser machine which she is enjoying while I type this.  She also is a fan of running from one end of the house to the other at top speed - for no apparent reason. (I haven't had a cat do that in a long time.)  She stops by my chair once or twice a day for serious loving.

She is the inspector.  She leaves nothing undiscovered. She's pretty careful and doesn't really knock stuff off much, just makes sure she gets it all looked and and sniffed thoroughly.  She climbs up on the terrace ledge an leans out and I can't watch but she comes right back in once she's given the birds the stink eye.

She and Betty co-exist pretty well.  There's no touching or sniffing of each other.    There seems to be enough room for both.  Sometimes, when Betty's on the ottoman with her tail splayed out behind her, Zoe pretends it's the feather toy and looks like she's going to swat it but never really does. Outside of that, neither goes out of her way to annoy or really even avoid the other.

They both use the new scratching post.

Zoe was a very lucky find.  We're a happy household.  Yeah!!!
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