Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I love my Goodwill store.  I never find what I want and, instead, always find the coolest funnest stuff.  Today I had a ball for $11. I got a water server for the fridge, 4 really cool water glasses, a tall container to hide the cat feeding stuff on the kitchen counter, a small, pretty pillow for my back and a small, beautiful quilt.  Eleven bucks!!!  And the only thing that turns out not to work is the pillow which I'll just donate back.  Totally worth the $.75 to try.

I'm not sure this quilt will stay here but I just love it for now.


I stopped at the ATM and dropped off Zappo's shoes.  I ordered 5 pair.  The most expensive was $110 and the cheapest was $35.  Turns out the $35 were, by far, the best for a bunch of reasons and they were the keepers.

My turkey sandwich was great and I tweaked my back.  Not seriously but I turned into load the Goodwill stuff into the car and felt a Ping!  I've never tweaked my back before but it felt just like my friends who have done it, describe it.  Happily, it's not fatal.  It's actually ok now as long as I keep it straight.  It's going to be good for my posture!
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