Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Whatever Wednesday

I have several things that I could do today but no plan so, except for laundry, nothing's happening.  The problem is that I need to go to three specific places and they are no where near each other... not even on the way and I can't get my ever shrinking retirement brain around a plan.

I need to go to:

Petco - they have me sucked into their litter refill deal. But, it's not critical, I could do that this weekend or next week even.
Goodwill - it's senior Wednesday and I do have one thing I want to go in for so maybe this moves up to The Plan for today.
Office Depot - I have a Zappos drop off and this is the best option for that and I can actually tie it into the Goodwill run so....

I think we have a plan!


The Mariners won again last night.  Both of these first two games of the year were also really good and interesting games. Wouldn't it be fun if the entire season was like this??  I can still hope.


I decided - after some excellent comments - that possibly I really do have some little bit of allergies so last night I took a Claritan.  BAD idea.  I woke up about 49 times with the driest mouth on the entire planet.  I think I'd rather suffer during the day ad seep during the night.  I do have anti-histamine drops for my eyes and I'll just use those and be grateful for them.


My Thanksgiving dinner last night was wonderful and I have a turkey sandwich to look forward to for lunch.  I'm kind of jazzed that I've figured out Thanksgiving for One.  It really did work well.


My new solar lanterns are getting lots of sun this morning, I'll be interested to see how they look tonight.

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