Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Chef Day

Chef Anita is here cooking up delights for my freezer.

And, it's Thanksgiving Day here.   I got a wild hair for some turkey and dressing and today's the day.  She's got a turkey boob with all manner of elegant herbs pasted into an under-the-skin spa treatment and dressing and gravy.  We're not only going to have Thanksgiving dinner tonight, we're going to have leftover Thanksgiving sandwiches and other treats tomorrow and, hopefully, a few days after!

My feet finally are back to normal today.  My Zappo order is on the truck for delivery.  Tomorrow I'm taking all shoes that don't fit or aren't comfortable and/or I haven't worn in a year to Goodwill.  And, even though it's Senior discount Wednesday, I'm going to try not to go in (you can drop off without having to even park).

Today I have swim class at noon.  And that's about it for outside adventures today.

Last nights ballgame was a really good game. That the Mariners won was helpful but it was overall just a fun game to watch. And tonight there's another. I don't know how football and soccer fans do it.  There are just so few games. I love the everydayness of baseball.

I think I have imaginary allergies.  I know I don't have real allergies - I have the tests to prove it.  But this time of year, I always have itchy eyes and assorted other allergy symptoms. I look at all the beautiful cherry trees all over Seattle - they are in full bloom now - and I love them for a minute and then just think 'god's dandruff'.  Stuff in the air, on the ground...   Hyponcondratic allergies???
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