Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

bears and music

For 3 plus years now - actually maybe 4 - once a month, I've taken bears to the Baby Corner. It's always been kind of a speakeasy deal.  A locked door.  You ring the buzzer and this nice lady - Jeanne - answers and takes my bears and says thank you and I make sure she wants more, she says she does and I'm gone.  Once in a while she has a bear story for me - a kid who wanted a green one or something.  But generally, it's 'here they are, thank you very much see you next month'.

I usually drop them off on the way to the pool and build about 5 minutes in to do it.

Today, I was early to the pool and Jeanne said... "Do you have a few minutes to come in?" I did so I did.  "I want to show some people that there really is a bear lady."  She took me back to where there was a little group of people who all just raved and carried on about my bears.  They told me their favorite bear giveaway stories. It was so cute and so nice and so sweet.  And, of course, made me feel like a million dollars.

They all assured me they could use as many as I could bring in.  It's funny cause this morning as I was baggin' em up, I thought about what a pickle I'd be in if I didn't have the Baby Corner to take them to!  So it's perfect for both of us.


There was no class today so I fired up my mp3 player to do my own thing.  My player was a dead duck.  Then I thought, well, ok, no biggie.  I can do without.  It's easier than having to mess with it anyway.  So I did my thing and then about half way through, one of the instructors was messing with the sound system and turned some workout music on.  All of a sudden my body got to work!  And I realized that working without music is not a waste of time but not nearly as productive as doing it with.

On the way home, I decided I would just buy another one - not this kind which has always been finicky but surely by now someone had come out with one that is decent.

While I was googling, I plugged in the player and boom! it started charging.  I had pulled it from the charger this morning but I'm guessing the charging wasn't firing any cylinders.

Now it's working fine... Yeah!  And there are a bunch of new options out there.  So if/when this one totally dies, I'll  have options.
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