Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

kitty hyjinx

Ok so the hairball treats are a winner.  All of them.  Betty who never loves treats, loves them.  Zoe, who can ignore Fancy Feast in her bowl, loves them.  Especially the Whiskas Temptation ones.

This could be fun.  As I type this, Zoe is trying to get into the empty package now.  I hate those zip lock packages so I moved them all to easier-for-me containers.

Here's what passed the cat test with flying colors - both cats had the same reactions:

Very favorite:  Temptations Hairball Treats - Whiskas
Second favorite:  Hartz hairball remedy plus
Third favorite (and most expensive, interestingly enough):  21st Century Cat Essentials Hairball Chews


I got a lighted ball for Zoe but was going to give it to her tonight after dark. She hopped on the counter to get more treats, found the ball ad the next thing I knew she was chasing it down the hallway!
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