Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Spoils

One of the things I got yesterday were a couple of kinds of kitty hairball treats.  I tried one on Zoe.  She didn't grab it but she did finally eat it all up.  Nice!  I'm going to try the others and then I'll report back with brands/names, etc.

Another of my treats was a new outfit for my bed.  I love new bed outfits and yesterday's find was perfection.  IKEA.  $30 duvet cover with pillowcase and $7 (not kidding) extremely lightweight duvet.  I got a duvet cover from IKEA years ago and while I liked the look, I hated the fabric.  This fabric, on the other hand, is wonderful!  Plus, I love the look.


And I dressed up the terrace. At Big Lots, I found these two solar powered lanterns for $5. If they light up at night, cool, if not, fine. I like 'em. And the tablecloth was $4 at Walmart.


The most amazing thing is that I found the hangers for the lanterns.  The guy I was dating when I first moved into the condo, installed some giant very sturdy hooks into the top of the side openings of the terrace.  But they were too high.  We went out looking for a solution and actually found it at the nursery.  They had these great sturdy long arm hooks they were using to hold their hanging baskets with.  The owner of the shop said her husband ordered them so she didn't know where to get them and she didn't have a price for them so she couldn't sell us a pair so she just gave them to us!!

I rarely hang anything any more and don't remember the last time I did so I was  astonished when I found them.  And they are perfect for those little lanterns.  Some things are meant to be.

The laundry is in and breakfast was had.

My Daddy taught me to scramble eggs.  I had to stand on a stool to reach the stove. (Mom never taught any of us to cook - Get out of my kitchen!! plus, because she was always on a diet, she never wanted to spend extra time in there anyway.)  Daddy was a very occasional cook.  He was an outdoor chef and he did a great weekend breakfast.  This morning I flashed on standing on that stool and Daddy saying "hard to believe anyone ever looked at these slimy things (raw eggs) and thought 'wow' I think we could make something delicious out of them!!'"

Funny how those little memory gems pop up after decades of napping.

Now it's time for CBS Sunday Morning.
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