Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Last night, I was in bed and Betty was down near the foot of the bed asleep. I was finishing up on the computer when here comes Zoe. I convinced her to come up here and she did and sat with me a bit. I turned off the light and turned on the radio and Zoe burrowed her way under the covers!

I went to sleep with her on my legs under the covers and Betty on top. It was fabulous.

My ankles aren't swollen anymore but my feet feel like they walked a mile on a cheese grater. They ae so grateful that they don't have to go anywhere today. Brunch is off the table due to Easter. The two Sundays I never go out are Easter and Mother's Day.

But just like after CES, my first instinct is to buy new shoes. Today's Zappo's search was "memory foam". I ordered about 5 pair. I'll keep one maybe, or none. But I know for sure I will never attempt an outing like yesterday without a change of shoes!

This is the last Sunday without baseball until November.  I'm excited. 

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