Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today I really do have nothing planned. There is no good swim class on Fridays until the Meadowbrook pool opens back up. I could go and just do my own thing and I might but I might not.  I have no errands on my list because they are saved for tomorrow.

Tomorrow night, the Seattle Mens Chorus is having a dress rehearsal friends and family show of the new Abba production.  And I'm going.  It's in Renton which is a suburb south of here by about 30 minutes.  Also in Renton is Fry's (cool computer stuff), Ikea (cool house stuff), Walmart (all kinds of stuff).  So I'm going down there and get stuff and then go to the concert.  There is also a 5 Guys Hamburger down there (there's one here, too but I don't like it as much) and that will be my dinner treat.  It's an outing.

And the road home is having major roadwork.  My choices seem to be sit in what might be a long backup (but might not be at that time of night) or take a backroads way (not a great idea for me at night).  I'll deal. The outing is well worth the hassle.

So I think today will be here with the cats.

No pooping outside the box today but Zoe did leave me a tiny pile of barf.  Easy enough to clean up.  She does NOT like the hairball goo.  If I put it in her food, she just doesn't eat the food.  So today we tried the top of the paw trick.  She did not like that one bit but she licked it off and that was the point.

I have two good movies from the library. I have the baseball game.  I'm in the middle of an excellent novel.  And I am behind on my podcasts so I have important stuff to do!

I also trimmed back my LJ list rather severely.  I totally appreciate the genre of journal. I use mine to whine and bore and document and vent and, sometimes, just to share.  I do not write to attract readers. If you want to read, great. If not, no sweat.  And I feel the same about other journals.  Sometimes, there is just not enough 'click' to keep them on my friends page.  I could just remove them from view but if I'm not going to read them, that seems pretty pointless.  So I trim.

I hate the sun coming in here but it sure makes a nice shot of Zoe on the couch.

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