Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

When I'm 64...

So far it's been just fine!  I got cake.  And I had some after lunch and I will have more after dinner and then I will slice it up and freeze it and enjoy it for lots of days to come.

Swim class was also fun.

The webcam to my brother's shop has been deteriorating. Is it my network? His network? Dropcam's network? My router?  His router? My isp? His isp? Dropcam's server? The camera?  Way way way too many variables.  But, I miss him and I miss being a fly on the shop wall. I'd tried everything on my end.  So finally I complained. He suspected the camera but thought he'd try a few things before replacement.  He pulled out an old router and gave the camera its own access point and set the camera on the old router and ... YEAH!!!  I'm back in biz.

This is a great birthday present for me. It's been frustrating and bad for so long, I'd forgotten how good good is.

My big birthday present is for Zoe.  The best - by way far - scratching post I ever had cost $85 with shipping.  But, seriously, it's so good, it comes with a guarantee for full refund if the cat doesn't love it in 60 days.  Jake was shredding the furniture when we moved here and he couldn't go outside any more.  I tried a bascillion posts, carpeted, sissal, posts, door things - all the freakin' tricks and he was having none of it.

Finally, I broke down and bought the guaranteed one.  He fell in love with it the day it got here.  He nearly shredded it and then Travis worked on it for a while.  It's behind the closet in the fish room hidden from human view because it looks so bad.  But, even so, Zoe found it and tries to find unshredded places.  Meanwhile, she's using the furniture some.

So she's getting her own, new post.  The high priced spread.

And the Mariners won. They play two exhibition games in Salt Lake City and then Monday, start the season ... yeah!!!  Saturday's game will be on TV but I'll be out and about so will just have to radio it.

It's been a great day. And there's still lots of it!.I've heard from all kinds of people and some I had totally lost contact with. Birthdays are really nice.
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