Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nice birthday so far!

Here's what Google says to me this morning:

And, in honor of the day - at least so far - no one has pooped outside the box or thrown up.  So far, it's a great day!!

When I was growing up, my Mom did great birthdays.  Always a cake.  Always ice cream.  Always a party.

For my birthday, it was banana cake with cream cheese icing and a bunny on top.  The same bunny every year.  It was a waxed bunny who, during one move - I think from Iowa to Missouri - it got its head melted flat so it was always a little distorted.  When I went away to college, my parents moved to Manhattan.  Because it was Spring Break, I was home and there was banana cake.  But not bunny!!


Mom had tossed it in the move!!!  If that had happened in 2013, I would have called social services but back in the olden days, parents were allowed to be cruel to their children.

The year after that, I was at school and this came in the mail from Mom with a note that said "I couldn't find a dirty one with a flat head, sorry."


He's never been on a birthday cake but he's always had a special place in my house.

Today my cake of choice is wedding cake (white cake/white icing) from Dewey's Bakery in Winston-Salem, NC.  Since I won't be getting there, today, my second favorite is Safeway white cake with white icing.  Really, I do love it.  And, I will be getting that today.

I may also go pick up some kung pao beef for dinner. I haven't had that in a while.  Maybe.

But, first, swim class at noon.  And then we'll see.


I finally got a gander at my new neighbor in the garage.  It's an expensive, not big, Mercedes. Black and nice and clean on the outside.  On the inside it looks like a landfill.  Turns out the driver hasn't figured out how to park in the allotted space.  When he/she pulls in, they eat up all of the white line between our two cars.  That's why they want me to move out of the way.  Ain't going to happen, crappy parker.  Love, me.


My NPR station starts its pledge drive on Monday.  Usually the other station in town does theirs at the same time.  Happily, now it is easy to just set the radio to another station.  Hawaiian Public Radio is an interesting experience to wake up to.

Time now to get up and dressed and see how it feels to be 64 years old.
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