Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Hairball Wednesday

So last night, I found a small, tidy pile of regurgitated dry food on the floor in the fish room.  Since it was full of black hair and since Zoe is the only one who gets dry food, it wasn't hard to figure out the perpetrator.  I'd been meaning to try some hairball remedy on Betty so today, that was on my list.

Plus I had a couple of other errands so I headed out. What I needed was at chain stores but  I purposefully picked stores in a part of town I'm not at all familiar with.  It's warm out today but no sun so there was no glare and my trip was just delightful.  Seattle has some of the most adorable neighborhoods.  And with grass just turning green, daffodils and cherry trees in bloom, wandering through them this morning was just a treat.

Plus, I got everything on my list.  And spent less than $15.

Today was really the first day that I felt both retired and glad of it at the very same time.

The pet store lady told me to put the hairball stuff on my finger and let them lick it off.  Yeah, right.  Neither one was even remotely interested.  Until... I split a can of Kitty Krack (aka Fancy Feast) and gave them each a half inch mixed in.  Done and done.

My neighbors, Ann and Ron, are on vacation. One of the perks of their leaving town is that they bring me their perishables.  So I have milk and turkey and ham and cheese for lunch today!  Nice.

I got an email from my CPA today wondering where my signed form is.  Funny, cause I was wondering where my refund was.   I mailed the form to him about 2 weeks ago.  Hmmmm.

I think it's time to make a lunch sandwich.

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