Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

ahhh Monday

When the building they are building outside my terrace is finished, I wonder if Mondays (and the rest of the week) will be as quiet as Sundays.  I can't remember.  But today, it's bang, bang, bang, woosh, groan...  I actually don't mind. I live downtown because I like to hear the noise of the city and while one day of quiet is fine, too many are not my thing.

The cats are getting into a nice rhythm.  When the radio goes off in the mornings, Betty starts in on the 'IT'S BREAKFAST TIME!!' routine.  By the time I get up to feed her and get my coffee, Zoe comes out from the fish room for her breakfast, too.  I leave them to their noshing and take my coffee back to bed but this time with the computer.  Now both them are full and, I guess, deciding what they will do today.

Me, too, actually.

I will be going to the pool.  Even if only for a little bit.  And I need to stop at the library. I have one DVD to return and two to pick up. And a couple of other errands.  And that's about it for the plans.

I need to build a budget for a while. I'm still not used to this income and I think I'm not handling it as good as I could.  Part of it is that it is a static amount every month. For the past dozen years, I've worked been paid only for the hours I worked so the total amount, paid twice a month, fluctuated wildly.  Now it is the same amount on the same day once a month.  So budgeting should be way easier and I think I need - at least for a month or two - to get some structure.  See what I'm spending where and tweak it.  Lordknows I've got enough, I just need to be wiser about it.

This month I am tracking how much I spend on food - at restaurants, in the grocery store, for Anita.  And, so far, it's come out to about twice what I thought it was.

Time for a little reality.

Hello, spreadsheet, I'm Susan and here's our task today...
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