Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

smelly, icky, cat notes (you may want to move on)

I'm giving Betty pumpkin with every meal to firm up her diarrhea and boy does it every work.  But yesterday, I had not seen any of her orange deposits so I thought maybe I had over-pumpkined her. (She did not spend much, if any, time covering her poop - just dumped and ran.  Zoe is a coverer. So when I didn't find any uncovered...)

Today I gave Betty no pumpkin and I learned two things.  1.  Apparently she sometimes does cover her poop really well and 2.  A day without pumpkin is totally asking for trouble.  Just before dinner she made a very pungent and liquid deposit and then spent 20 minutes trying to cover it up.

I should have known because she's been begging for food all day.  The pumpkin apparently fills her up (fiber, baby) and she eats way less and only begs at mealtime.

So... now that we've had a control day, we know the drill.  And by we, I mean me.

Just more kitty documentation.

Thankgoodness Zoe is free of any food drama.

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