Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Saturday night at the cat house

Betty is in her usual spot on the ottoman in front of me.  Zoe has positioned herself this evening on the back of my chair behind my head.  We've just finished watching Project Runway.  We did not agree with the result but what.ev.

I had to go out this afternoon and get a bigger litterbox.  The second one I put in living room was a little one just for emergencies but the girls liked it sooo much that it was clear they needed an upgrade.  So that left me no place for the litter genie (no room under the house for both) so I also got a laundry hamper which happens to match my recycling box under the desk and kind of looks like an office high rise behind the schoolhouse litter box cover.

It's not at all unpleasant to look at or smell.

I've had two cats for years and always had only one litter box but, apparently, times change.

I also had to deep six the floral arrangements.   One died, one had cat teeth marks on many of the leaves and was also dying and the other was just dried eucalyptus that I was tired of.  I washed out all the vases and soaked them with denture tablets and now they with the small, retired litterbox, are in the dishwasher.

I did all the laundry - much to Zoe's delight - the washing machine is kitty TV for her it turns out. I even got everything folded and put away.

It was just a nice, productive day.

Tomorrow may just be a home day.  I have eggs. I can make brunch.  I have a movie from the library to watch and a baseball game to listen to. And cats to keep me amused.  I may change my mind tomorrow but that's what I'm thinking now.
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