Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Susan Dennises

Susan Dennis is not an unusual name - it's not Mary Smith but it's not Tabitha Glockbreaks either.  And, for some odd reason, a fair number of Susan Dennises worked at IBM when I did. I believe the high count was 5.  Towards the end of my IBM time, I even worked for a woman named Susan Dennis.

Personnel just had no way to deal with that. I was forever getting secret shit like salary files for all of Susan Dennis' employees and for her.  I used to swear that I didn't open the files.

This morning I got an email from a woman who says she is cleaning out old files and found a note from Susan Dennis from Endicott and was I that Susan Dennis?  She says she was Doris Bowen who worked in Endicott in personnel after she worked in the cafeteria in Charlotte.  Totally wrong Susan Dennis but.... I remember her from Charlotte!!

She was in charge of getting the lunch menus published every day on the bulletin boards around the plant.  I was in charge of those bulletin boards!!!  I remember few people but I totally remember her.  She was great fun to work with.  What a treat to get a misdirected note.


I thought for sure that I'd be too sore to even move this morning - I really was last night.  But this morning I am much better.  I still didn't go to the swim class. I don't have to. I didn't want to. So I didn't.  Plus my knee is scabby and I wanted to give it a head start before I subject it to an hour of water.  I'll probably go on Monday.


I woke up this morning to see that Zoe had been busy during the night.  A potato that was on the stove was on the kitchen floor?? A potato??? And a few other things had been filed from where they were to the floor.  But, really a potato?

I can here her now playing with her toys in the living room.  Betty's in here begging for more breakfast.

All is good.


I think I'm going to go out and run a couple of quick errands this morning then home.  The baseball game is on TV this afternoon.

But, first, I need to give Betty her 'seconds' before she has a heart attack.
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