Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sidewalk Surfing

I started towards downtown and didn't get 4 blocks before I tripped on some air and plunged to the sidewalk.  Happily, my hands were in gloves!  My left knee is skinned and my right ankle and hip are bitching like there's no tomorrow.

It happened a block from a pharmacy so I went in and got one of those giant bandaids with antibiotic built in so at least it wouldn't rub on my pants and kept on going.  I was pretty sure that sitting through the movie was a bad idea but I was there so what the hell.  When the movie was over, I had no trouble walking.  Yeah!  I stopped and got a hot dog and then walked on home but, I walked too fast or something because beside hitting wall about 4 blocks from home, by the time I got here I was out of breath and in major oooowie mode.

Now I have rested for a bit and can breathe but my hip and foot are in a world or hurt when I get up and try to use them.

I was looking for an excuse to blow off swimming tomorrow morning and I think I have found it.  I miss my old Saturday pool.  The backup pool is getting old fast.

Betty and Zoe were happy to see me when I got home and everything's under control.  Zoe is currently enjoying my neck in a fine snuggle fest.  Betty is on the ottoman trying to figure out if she cares.  She is not the face/neck snuggling type.  If she cuddles in my lap, we call it good.  Zoe burrows - into my neck, into my face, into my armpit.

I just got a note back from my insurance company. Three months worth of two of my inhalers will cost me $1,660. I have enough of each to last til the end of May.  Thankgod, I stocked up under my old insurance. I also wanted to wait until I had my annual doctor visit - mid-May - to reorder so that, too, is going to work out.

The part of my deductible that I pay out of pocket is $1,225 so it won't take long to put that to rest and since I am reimbursed for all but 20% up to $5000, it looks like as long as I don't get sick, I'll be able to manager ok.  This time next year, I'll be heading into medicare which will make it all easier (I hopetogod).

I think I'll think about something else and knit some bear.
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