Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I'm sitting here crosslegged on the bed with the laptop.  Betty is draped over my knee with her head poking out from under my arm.  Zoe just hopped onto the bed and Betty didn't even twitch. She stayed relaxed and calm. Zoe was up here for a while slowly walking around checking stuff out.  Only when her nose got to Betty's butt, did Betty even acknowledge Zoe and then only with a tiny little growl. Zoe returned the favor and then left.

I think it's funny how their relationship is evolving.  It's fun to watch.


It's snowing all over Seattle, apparently.  Except here.  It's not sticking and will be gone by lunch or sooner but I'm kind of annoyed that we got left out of the fun.


My TiVo QA work is so far a fail. As in last night, during the baseball game, I couldn't get  it to fail.  Well, I did once but I  know how and can just not do it that way.  I found some evidence that others share my problem but if it doesn't happen, I'm happy.  This paragraph should be used to explain why double negatives so often obfuscate an issue.  Plus I've always appreciated the opportunity to use the word obfuscate.


I think I'm going to walk downtown today and see the new Tina Fey movie. Downtown is pretty much uphill from here but on weekdays, when the office buildings are open, there's a lovely escalator trail that gets me to nearly level ground a few blocks from the theater.  I think that's the going to be today's trail.


I also need to remember to cancel my eye doctor appointment.  I finally got the codes from her assistant so was able to find out from the insurance company that the visit will cost me $137.00.  Even the doctor's assistant says we could postpone until November which means we can postpone until next March when I go on Medicare and it will cost me $0.

The insurance company was very responsive so I followed up with a question about how much my 3 most expensive lung drugs will now cost me.  Waiting to hear.  I know I'm going to buy them regardless but it's nice to  know ahead of time how much the damage will be.  I like breathing a lot.


Zoe's  bell, and other noises tell me that Zoe's found something in the kitchen that she's investigating... oh, wait, no, now she's stalking the hallway.

She's a mirror cat.  I've never had one but she's fascinated by the kitty in the mirror.  The full length mirror in the half bath is just the perfect height for her and I've seen her staring at her quite a bit.  It's pretty adorable.  And she'll hop onto the counter in the big bathroom and study herself.  Now she's just checking out everything.  Kind of making her rounds.

She has lovely energy for a 4 year old cat without the skittishness of a kitten.  She was in my lap last night and I test to see whether my trimming her nails was going to be an issue.  Apparently not.  Yeah.

What a wonderful kitty find she has turned out to be!


Ok, even though Betty's still all warm and snuggled in, I think it's time to get up. Sorry, girl.
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