Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Betty has been a thrower upper for years and years and years.  For most years it was really just dry heaving but for the past couple of years it's been - ah hem - more productive.  For the past year it's been really messy and disgusting and happened at least daily.  Then I switched her to ONLY canned food and that cut back the instances.  Then I added pumpkin - a lot of it to every meal.  Then, when Zoe came, I got some very simple dry food (California Natural) and started feeding her increasing amounts.

She went from desperate to get more food all damn day long (and eating up whatever I fed her instantly and begging for more) to not even waking me up in the morning but waiting until I got up for breakfast.  She's excited about each meal but not desperate.  She eats most but not all and there is often dry food left to much on.

And she has not throw up at all for more than a week.  The last time she pooped outside the box was Saturday. I can't believe that after all this time, I've finally stumbled on a fix and I do believe it's too early to declare victory but I am ohhhhh sooooo hopeful.


Today is swim class.  The good instructor is supposed to be back but if he isn't, I'll just enjoy and not worry about it.  The pool with the good instructors will be open again in 10 days.


I have more TiVo testing to do to narrow down the issue.  Last night there was a live baseball game on and I could not get it to fail.  Maybe it was because it was a Red Sox game.  It actually did fail the first time but for the rest of the game, it operated like it should.  Weird. Tonight is a Mariner game.  We shall see.
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