Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Buzzy day!

First of all, I just love love love Senior Discount Wednesdays at Goodwill.  Seriously.  You find a neat deal and then take 20% off??!!  Plus our Goodwill store does so many things right.  They have those cool carts that are really hand baskets but when it gets too heavy they have wheels and you can pull them like a kid's wagon, their aisles are wide enough, their merchandise is sorted with thought and style.  And they have very clean, easily located bathrooms.

I found some great stuff.  20 items for $15.  Turns out 12 are perfect for what I want. 5 will work great until I find something better.  3 went right to the free shelf downstairs.  Great average.

I went to the hardware store and easily found an air release cover thingie for my sink. It's stainless steel - a shade in between the faucet and the sink.  It makes them all match!!!!  $5!

My packages arrived. I got a new case for my phone which combines all of the things I wanted into one perfect case.  Way better than I expected and cheap.  I have plenty of cat food.  And... I have coffee!!

I am training my favorite Pandora stations to be better.  I keep forgetting to vote as each song comes up. I am not a good trainer.

Zoe's having a wonderful one week anniversary.  She's finally playing with the toys I bought her.  Up until a minute ago she was channeling Donica Patrick in the hallway.  Betty was up here next to the computer about an hour ago and Zoe came over with her paws on the ottoman. Their noses were maybe 6 inches apart and both of them forgot to his or growl!

It's been rain off/rain on all day but in between the rain has been bright sunshine. Very un-Seattle like.  My little solar powered dancing flower has been dancing up a storm.

It's 3pm already! Holy moly.  It's a day like this that makes me so glad I don't have a job. I'd never get anything done!

(But, every time I think I'm all cool with the concept, I'm reminded that I'm still, obviously, working through some bits...Yesterday, one of the women in my swim class asked me if I was retired and without thinking I answered 'yeah, for now, but if the right job comes along...' which is kind true but only a little bit and maybe not even that much if I'm honest with myself.)
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