Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Amazon recently slapped an additional discount onto their Subscribe and Save deal - if you order 5 things, you get 15% off.  That with my free prime shipping did it for me.  Today's the day the order comes in.  Cat food (2 different kinds), kitty litter, lip balm and coffee!!!  It's like having Costco come to you.  I need to find space to house the spare cat food.

Also it's senior discount Wednesday at Goodwill.  I want to see if I can find a couple of off the wall things (like a pretty decanter/jar for dispensing the dry cat food - stuff like that).  [All of a sudden my life seems all about the cats... I am an old cat lady!!]

And I'm trying to fix a weird TiVo issue.  I like to record baseball games.  Then I start watching about 30 mins in so I can ff through the commercials.  But, if I get caught up, I'm likely to leave the game for a bit and watch Jeopardy or something and then come back.

BUT when I get back, TiVo has lost my place and starts playback from the beginning.  This is very annoying.  Last year I had two TiVos in the living room.  This problem does not occur on the old TiVo which uses different software so I just used it for baseball last Summer.

Now the old TiVo is in the bedroom and I don't want to move it back. I want the newer, expensive TiVo to do what it should do.  So now I am trying various scenarios to capture exactly under what circumstances it fails.  It's tedious and frustrating.  Now I am so glad I did not become a tester.

Zoe has abandoned the bathtub.  She has now claimed the fish bed. (It's kind of window seat bed without the window in my front room. It's the fish bed because all around it are mural paintings of aquarium fish.)  Last night I caught her in discussion with Alf and the blind teddy bear, James.  James will be 64 next Thursday.  Zoe will have been here 7 days in about 4 hours.

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