Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cat City Report - all is good!

Yet another night in which Betty did not throw up!  Followed by another day of no pooping outside the box. This is getting pretty epic now.  Zoe has been here 6 days.

This morning, I dished out Betty's food and gave her some dry kibbles and she started gobbling them all up.  Then I took the kibble shaker and pulled down Zoe's dish to fill it.  The minute a food pebble hit the bowl, here comes Betty to steal it!!  WTF?  I shooed her back to her food which started eating again.  But, really, I think there are issues there that only therapy can fix.

I knew I had a little whiffle ball around here but the other day when I looked, I couldn't find it.  This morning Zoe dug it up from somewhere and spent a long time playing a combo of hide and seek with hackysack.

Today it's back to Medgar Evers Pool - the one closest to my house but the one with the not very good instructors.  The past two classes have been fucked up by Dave.  Dave is the worst instructor of all.  I can't hear him because he says the mic doesn't work for him but, you know, even if it did, he's clueless about what makes a good water exercise class.

But, I decided after last time that I was done letting him ruin my pool time.  My attitude was silly and petulant and ill serving - especially me.  If he's the teacher today, I will count all the good things.  My friends, the fact that annoying Elaine never comes on Tuesdays, the water and how good it feels, the music, etc.  If he wants to be a fool on the side of the pool I will totally l let him.  I will not let him prevent me from having a good class.  So.  There.

Kim the faucet installer installed the kitchen faucet exactly backwards.  She has the hot line hooked up to the cold side.  I thought that maybe I could attitude this away, too - make it a quirky fun thing but then I decided that for the $200 I paid for installation, I really didn't want quirky. I wanted the red dot to indicate hot and the blue dot to indicate cold.  So I sent an email. Amy will be here about 2 ish to switch.  (Yes, I could maybe do it myself but 1. maybe not and 2. why?)

And in the most first world of first world problems, I've been out of my favorite coffee (k-cups) since Sunday.  Amazon is sending the new shipment but it won't be here until tomorrow.  The spares I have around (in case of emergency) are just not as tasty - not at all. I keep obsessively checking the tracking number to see if maybe it will get here early.  I usually drink one cup of coffee a day.  Will it kill me to go one more day without my favorite?  No.

I need to google How To Get Over Myself.

On the up side, the Mariners are playing on TV tonight!  We are getting very close to opening day and I am really ready.  It's been so much fun to have them winning. I'd honestly like to keep that up even after the seasons starts.  Wonder if they would do that for me...
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