Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Busy and productive day...

Betty is napping in the kitchen and Zoe's back in her bathtub.  It's been a fun day for them.  First there was whole faucet installation hoopla.  Then there was lots of play time and love time.

A curious thing did happen.... I went out to get lunch and when I came back Ann and Ron were coming down the hall on their way out.  We chit chatted and Ann said to Ron 'you need to meet the new one....' I opened the door and there they both were about 3 feet from the door and about 1 feet from each other.   Hmmm are they secret BFFs who hiss and snarl for my benefit alone???? When I'm gone are they all pals-y?????

I had to go to the post office to mail a box back and while I was there I asked the post office guy if it was still possible to refuse delivery of packages and he said it sure was!  If I'm there when delivered just write REFUSED and hand it back.  If I not, just don't open it and take it to a post office and hand it over.  Easy peasy.  Nice to know.

All the stuff is back under the bathroom sink minus the hair rollers, about 40 contact lens cases - most still wrapped in plastic, two bottles of lens solution, still in plastic, 3 shower caps, 3 headwrap towels and the tampons.  The latter and the unwrapped lens cases got tossed and the rest went down to the free stuff shelf in the garage.

That cabinet is now all organized and pretty.  A nice side effect of the new faucet!  The kitchen wasn't a mess to start with so isn't now.  I'm now listening to the Mariner game which is turning out to be an close and  interesting game.

Just a nice day.
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