Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

she loves me, she really loves me

Zoe watched Kim install the faucets.  She watched very carefully.  When Kim was done and left, I sat down and she came over and gave me the biggest snuggle of my life, she rubbed against my head and my neck so hard I would have fallen over if I hadn't seen it coming.  Now she's in my lap rubbing against my hands.

This one is a keeper for sure.  I picked good.

And Betty is better, too.  She's not nearly as whiny and, oddly, she's not even eating nearly as much.  And while she did poop out the box the other night, otherwise, she's gone back to the kitty she was wen Travis was here.  In only 5 days.

Whew and yeah.

I went out to get a boy kitty because everyone said introducing  female to another female was ill advised.  But, really there were very few males in the adoption pool and, of all the cats - male and female - Zoe was the only one who stood up and meowed when I said 'who wants to go home with me'.  They said she had been surrendered with another female cat so I thought maybe she and Betty could do it.

They sure don't love each other but there has not even been a hint of fur flying so maybe... with time...

The new faucets are all installed.  And I love them.  Particularly the bathroom one.  I did not realize that the faucet I bought came with a new stopper.  The old one was cracked and disgusting.  Now I have new faucet, with spaying hose and a pretty new stopper!

The kitchen was not so much a win.  The new faucet is great.  BUT...  the sink is stainless steel.  The faucet is stainless steel of a different hue and the air valve for the dishwasher is chrome.  It looks like a patchwork operation but fuck it.  I love the faucet.

I had no clue how to install them but I watched Kim and now I not only know how to do it, I know I would never ever attempt to try it on my own.  I paid her $190 and it was totally totally worth it.

Now I have to put everything back.  The kitchen will be easy.  I am going to cull through the bathroom stuff before I put it back.

I took a shower this morning in Zoe's bathtub.  She was not all that amused.  I need to put her bed and toys back there, too.

But, first, I'm going to walk up the street to the new butcher's and get lunch - and maybe even dinner.
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