Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Another good night

No one threw up. No one pooped outside the box.  Everyone slept peacefully.  Nice.

Everyone's had breakfast without interference.

Zoe has the funniest litterbox routine.  When she uses the living room one - the one with the cardboard enclosure - she scratches the sides of it for a really long time.  I'm guessing she's marking it but it's really loud and cracks me up and does not impress Betty at all.  At least I know, without even having to check, that there's a scoop that needs to be done.

Last night, Zoe spent some time being quite snuggly while I was watching TV.  She sure is a sweet kitty.

Today, is new faucet day. Yeah!  I would really like to have new cabinets and new counter tops and new sinks but I am not at all interested in going through the hassle.  I need an in house gay.  For now, new faucets are going to have to be good enough.  Neither the bathroom or the kitchen has a pull out sprayer.  After this morning, both will.  Nice.

Well, Zoe just broke the first thing.  A picture frame.  I'm actually surprised she hasn't knocked more stuff over/off.

I will miss the usual Monday morning swim.  There's a 1:30 class at a pool in West Seattle I might go to.  Or I might skip it.  I don't have to decide now.

The only other action today is rejecting a package. A package I ordered is coming today via USPS. I've decided I don't want it.  In the olden days, you just had to write Return To Sender and drop it off at the P.O.  The internets is kind of fuzzy about whether this is still an option.  So I'm hoping to stop it before it gets left.  I've got a note with the tracking number for the mail carrier.  The carrier we have not is not that friendly.  My note may or may not work.  If it doesn't, then I'll take it to the post office.  If that doesn't work, I'll go the RMA round.  But as the latter will cost me postage and, likely a 20% restocking fee, I'm sure hoping option 1 or 2 works!
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