Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

under the sink

For lots and lots of years I moved to a different state, often a different time zone, every 18 months.  I used to joke that when the cabinet under the bathroom sink needed a cleaning out, I'd just sell the house.  I was working for IBM and they would come and pack everything up and clean everything up so it was years and years before under the bathroom sink was my responsibility.

And today I really realized that even at nearly 64 years of age I still suck at it.

Here's the pile of stuff I pulled out just now.


This pile o' crap includes 2 sets of electric hair rollers, 2 sets of brush hair rollers ad 1 set of foam hair rollers.  It's been at least a decade since my hair has been long enough to even get a roller into it.  I also found tampons which I have not needed in many, many, many moons.

Tomorrow morning, I am getting the faucets replaced.  Hence the chore.  I am pretty sure that there will be some serious purging before it goes back in.

The kitchen sink is a little less out of control. It's getting new faucets, too, but it's far easier to clean out as it's just a basket and two trash bins.


I had been feeding Betty as much as as often as she wanted.  Today we're starting a schedule. Breakfast and dinner and that's it. She didn't get antsy until about 4:30.  I fed her and then fed Zoe and all was fine and went well.  Yeah!

My dinner is in the oven.

The Mariners won.  Nice nice day.
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