Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I got gas, I got breakfast, I got cash from the ATM, I got a case of Diet Dr. Pepper (on sale!).

I love being out on Sunday mornings.  Zero traffic. Tons of parking. And most of the assholes are still asleep or hung over or both.  Now I am home and I still love Sunday mornings. So quiet and nice.  I do love the new building going up outside my terrace and usually I don't mind the noise but it's lovely to have a day off.

I got a litter genie for the living room litter box. It's great and I can keep it nearby and hidden.  But it's too tall.  The litter box at the other end of the hall is in a sort of blanket chest which is only 16" deep.  The litter genie is 17" tall. It would be so cool to pop a litter genie into the blanket chest.  Oh well.

Zoe's asleep in the bathtub.  Betty's asleep in the kitchen.  The ballgame starts in 30.  And there's a bear that needs knittin'!
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