Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ins and Outs Detante

The bathroom door stayed open last night and it was fine.  I put Zoe's carrier in the tub.  It's one of those that the side opens down to kind of a runway.  There's fluffy towel in there.  This morning when I looked behind the shower curtain, her little head stuck out of the carrier to say good morning.

That's kind of a long term solution.  I don't actually use my shower much since I take my showers and wash my hair at the pool.  So it's not even inconvenient.

No one threw up last night!  So Betty got some more dry food.  Both litter boxes were used and there is no sign that they weren't.

Neither of them like seafood!  That's so weird.

So this morning, Betty's eating her breakfast on the floor in the kitchen.  Zoe's eating her's on top of the living room cabinet.  I have two food bowls that are really decorative and it's high enough so all you see is the side of the bowl so I don't even mind seeing the bowls up there.  Another satisfactory long term solution.

Yeah!!  and whew!!

Today I am going out to get gas, get non-seafood cat food and get brunch and then home.  The baseball game is on TV today.  Fun!
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