Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

here, there and everywhere

I've been to the pool - 30 minutes of laps then 45 minutes of class.
I've been to breakfast - I remember now why I haven't been there in a really long time.
I've been to Safeway - loaded in a giant supply of pumpkin.
I've been to Trader Joe's - I needed cinnamon buns.
I've been to Mud Bay - dry food and a better collar for Zoe.

Home and glad to be here!!

I figured out where I can lay out some always available dry food for Zoe to snack on as she likes - in a place that Betty has never been and likely won't go.  So, yeah.  To be on the safe side, I got some that Betty might tolerate so I'm also going to give her a little to test.

Zoe stayed in the bathroom while I was out but I think that's going to be it for her confinement.  It can be her special room but I'm going to move the litter box out of there.  She can keep her toys and towel bed in the bathtub behind the opaque curtain.  She'll feel safe and I won't have to see it!

I need to clean up.  The kitchen needs cleaning.  I'll move the litter out of the bathroom and clean that up.  Then, I think things will be under control.  I have no where I need to go.  There's a baseball game on the radio and I have bears to knit.

Note to me - get gas in the car!!!  My favorite gas station is right by the pool that is closed for five weeks.  I really hate all other gas stations and there aren't any nearby really anyway.  So...  the tank is getting a teensy, weensy low.

Oh and the snotty anonymous note writer in the parking space next to me?? Have not seen hide nor hair of them in that parking space and neither has neighbor Ann - and we've both been on the lookout.

AND... And... Ann told me that Peter - the guy who made such a BFD to the board about Betty's occasional stroll in the hallway (after his wife, stood at the door and said 'come on , kitty, come see me??!!).... he's selling and moving!!  Yeah.

Ok, Zoe just found her dry food and enjoyed the heck out of it. And Betty is clueless. Whew.  She will not starve.
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