Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My own stupid fault

As I often do, last night I pulled a muffin out of the freezer to eat for breakfast today.  I left it on a plate on the counter.

But last night, Betty got it and at the whole damn thing except for a large circle of crumbs on the floor.  It's pretty much out of her system, now though.  A lovely disgusting gift in the litter box and one on the carpet in the living room.  I was half awake last night and heard a funny noise.  I did not get up and investigate, much to my regret.

Zoe finally did go into the bathroom last night but I left the door open.  While I heard muffin chewing, I never heard any cat to cat discussions.  I did figure out that she keeps returning to one spot on the top of the cupboard and Betty can't or won't ever go  up there, so that's where Zoe's food goes.  She's apparently not a breakfast person.  I just put some in a bowl up there under her nose and she left it.  She'll eat when she's hungry.

Geez. I have one who will eat the knobs off the drawers and one who doesn't seem to care about eating at all.  Nice.  On the upside, it is crystal now that when Betty does not eat what she needs, that's when she poops outside the box.  Happily, adding pumpkin to her food has fixed all but the muffin adventure which will not happen again.

This morning I'm off to swim class and then I have a few errands.  There are all manner of road work and St. Patrick's Day parades and parties, plus a soccer game at 5.  So I need to get the car home sooner than later or get stuck sitting in traffic.

It's fine.  I have a short list of house stuff to do this afternoon, not the least of which is finish cleaning up The Muffin Incident.
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