Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Even more tedious cat details

Today has been good so far.  Zoe is making her way around the house and getting into everything.  She's still trying to claw the furniture some but now it's like air clawing.  She's just brushing her paws across it.  I still tell her NO but I'm no longer worried about the furniture. I figure she's working on muscle memory that will fade.

She came over for some love while I was working on my newsletter.  We had some real quality time.

She's steering clear of Betty but the radius is getting smaller.  They are ok being in the same room which is handy.  I don't have that many rooms.

I may even leave the bathroom door open tonight.  Maybe.  We'll see.

The one nut left to crack is feeding.  I'm not sure how that's going to work.  I'm not sure Betty will let Zoe eat next to her and I'm not sure Zoe will want to.  A little bit ago, Betty had uneaten food in her bowl and I dolled out a little in a bowl on the counter while Zoe was sitting there.  She sniffed it and moved on.  We'll get a scheme down somehow.

I have an arrangement of greens that had long grassy fonds artistically flowing out of it and the  minute she started playing with them I realized they looked and acted just like the toy on a stick.  No fair.  So into the garbage they went.  Then she went back to the rest of the arrangement and got sprayed in the face with a NO.  Then she found the dried arrangement of long, pokey, smelly stuff.  She was too far for spray but a sharp NO had her moving along right away.  So maybe I can still have plants and have her.

Putting a bell on her was genius.


My newsletter is done.  I cleaned out my car - it was becoming a box of bags on wheels.  Between my natural obsession for any kind of bag and the fact that Seattle no longer hands out free shopping bags - paper or plastic, I've accumulated a lot of - very lovely and functional - shopping bags but really, I don't need 30 of them in the car.

So I culled out most and put the remaining in appropriate places in the car.  It all looks much nicer now.

I toyed with swimming today but I'm still pissed about yesterday so I decided to take the day off.  Tomorrow's class is at a different pool and at least I am sure the instructor won suck as much.

This afternoon I have bears to knit and podcasts to catch up on.
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