Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Explorations continue

Last night Zoe finally came off the cabinet and I was able to get her into the bathroom for the night. I shut the door and stayed in to brush my teeth and she rubbed all over my legs. So I sat on the floor and we just loved each other. She turned on her purr machine. Safe from Betty, she was just a melted lover. We loved for a while then I left her in there. All was fine.

But, Betty, I think wants to love her, too. When I looked over and saw that Betty was asleep on the floor next to the door...

This morning I fed Betty and then, while she was eating, I opened the bathroom door. Zoe was on her bathtub towel. She's so thoughtful. She doesn't run or start. When I first open the door and turn on the light, she sits up but otherwise waits to see what happens. I filled her food bowl and she had breakfast.

Now she's wandering around the house and Betty is watching. Zoe is very wary of Betty but Betty is really just curious. When they square off now, Betty is relaxed and just watching. Zoe is the only one who's cautious.

At least now I know there is not going to be any fur flying.


My brother has a new newsletter ready for editing and formatting so that's today's job and I'm delighted to do it. And I'm grateful to have the time to do it right.


I just found out yesterday that if I bring back my empty Petco litter jug, I can get a fillup for way cheaper. I love that idea so much! Plus, with the new Petco, their locations are fairly easy for me to get to.


Both cats have been free to roam around today without my watching for about an hour and a half and so far not even much hissing and growling. Nice.
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