Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Zoe had not been around for close contact since we got back from the vet so I hadn't had a chance to examine the nail clipping.  Just now she walked by and I picked her up and WOW.  Best freakin' $10 I ever spent!!  Last night, when I picked her up she shot 10 needles into my clothes and skin. Tonight, nada.  Whew.

Also no more furniture clawing at least not yet.

She spent an hour or so on top of the cabinet in the living room and Betty was chilling out somewhere else.

Then I heard Zoe get up and kind of growl and, yep, there was Betty coming into the living room.  So I hauled out the laser pointer and they both forgot about each other and focused on the red dot - at least for a bit.  Then we did some play with the feather on a stick and again, they both played.  Betty hasn't ever been interested in a feather on a stick before.

Then they both came to their sense and Zoe started hissing and growling again.  But, it was a lovely start.

Now Zoe's back on the cabinet and Betty's in the middle of the room. I think she's trying to decide what to do next.  Unless I can't get her down, I think Zoe will get another night in the bathroom.  Just to be safe.  If I can't get her down, then we'll take our chances.

Neither of them has shown even the tiniest bit interested in actually attacking.  They are talkers, not doers.
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