Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Interesting morning...

So I found Zoe's sweet spot.  There's a corner of the tub behind the shower curtain.  I had my suit and pool towel there and she was sitting on them.  She moved off and I replaced them with a bath towel and an hour or so later, I found her there on the towel.

Excellent because in a bit, I'm going to need her to stay in the bathroom while I go swim. She has a 4 pm appointment at the vet.  I think having her confined to the bathroom will make encouraging her to get back in the carrier a little easier.

The bell was a great idea.  Now I know when she's on a mission and so does Betty.  They are still hissing but while I was in the bathroom and Zoe was in there, too, Betty came in briefly to see what the deal was.

Meanwhile Betty is paying me far more attention than she has been lately.  Turns out when there are two beings in the house, I get favorite!!

When I made the vet appointment, I asked about trimming Zoe's nails and she said no prob.  She's walking on about 4" needles and she's keeping them sharp on the furniture.  (Although, every time I say NO sharply, she stops so it may not be a long term problem.)

At one time I bought one of these guaranteed scratching posts.  It really did work.  Between Jake and Travis, it is completely shredded.  (I got Betty a little slanted one from the same place which she uses every day and has not shredded.)  I'm debating whether to buy another one  They are huge and I don't really have a good spot for one that big. I think I'll pop into Petco and see what they have.  The problem is that I hate the looks of most of them. I want it in the living room and so I want it to look nice.

I also need to pick up some cat nip and a couple of cat toys. I tried to make up one on a stick last night and didn't have the right ingredients.  she was kind of ok with what I did but deserves a real one.

And so we settle in.
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