Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

zoe - the latest

All went well last night.  Betty slept with me - and even snuggled a little.  Zoe slept in the bathroom.  I heard her a couple of times knocking around but no scratching or crying at all.

This morning, I fed Betty and then went into the bathroom.  All was fine.  Looks like she could use some pumpkin in her food, too!  But her dinner was gone.  I fed her breakfast and cleaned out her litterbox. And left the door open.

In the middle of the night, I remembered bells.  Now this is where my saving (ok, hoarding) stuff comes in handy. I had a brand new collar with a bell in the closet.  I put it on Zoe.  I'll now have a better idea of where she is.

Zoe was up here in my lap for some stroking when Betty came in and hopped onto the end of the bed.  Zoe was having none of that.  Growling and hissing.  Betty turned tail.  I'll need to be giving Betty some extra love here today and for a while.

As I type this, Zoe has now found the bathtub.  She's still exploring.

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